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Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in helping us better serve women who are survivors of trafficking in our very own community. Volunteers are a crucial part of our organization as they work side by side with our team to fulfill the mission, goals and daily outcomes of Heritage of Hope. We hope your time with us will be a rewarding experience and a blessing both for you and the women we serve. Heritage of Hope’s services benefit young women ages 14 and older who are survivors of trafficking. This includes women trapped in lives of sex trafficking, prostitution, adult entertainment, and exotic dancing. Our primary purpose is to provide women with the resources and support needed to leave this lifestyle and become leaders in their community. Our primary avenue to accomplish this purpose is being a part of a network of residential homes providing free of charge care to survivors as they walk through their own healing and restoration journey. Because we are a nonprofit organization and the need for our services far exceeds what we can supply, volunteers allow us to do much more work than our budget normally would allow. Your time here is valuable and more important than you will ever know. The work you will do and the relationships you will make are vital to Heritage of Hope in helping the women feel safe, secure and loved as they are championed into their purpose! Thank you for choosing to spend your time volunteering with Heritage of Hope and for serving women seeking freedom from sexual exploitation alongside us!

Rachel Monroe // Founder + President

What Sets Us Apart?

Heritage of Hope is one of the only anti-trafficking awareness, rescue, and placement programs located within the city of Albany for teens and women seeking freedom from trafficking and the sex trade. Our goal is to establish homes in Albany including graduates and a community of churches, board members and mentors to create accountability and become a catalyst for change in the city. We emphasize a trauma informed approach to our survivors.

Our Mission

Heritage of Hope will restore survivors by equipping teams of individuals to identify sex trafficking, providing victim assistance through partnership organizations, creating a safe place for community, conversation and growth. Empowering communities through education and giving back to survivors through employment and aftercare opportunities.

Our Vision

Empowering communities and restoring hope to survivors.

Our Core Values

Christ-Centered // Glorifying the Lord above all
Whole-hearted // Bringing our full passion into each day
Community // Growing together towards our best self
Excellence // Adhering to the highest standards
Holistic // Serving the whole person
Dignity // Protecting the value of each community member

Our Current at Heritage of Hope:


Monthly Donor Support

In-Kind Donations (gift cards, toiletries, bags, clothing, etc.)

Creative Volunteers for Social Media and Marketing

Experienced Grant Writers

Background Checks

At Heritage of Hope, the safety of those we serve is always our top priority. We understand that the trauma they have experienced can make them especially vulnerable, and we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment. That’s why we require all volunteers to undergo a background check before they begin working with our organization. We use to ensure that our volunteers are qualified and trustworthy. We know that creating a safe and supportive environment is essential to our mission, and we are dedicated to making that a reality.

Heritage of Hope Programs

Fundraising: The fundraising committee is made up of board directors as well as skilled volunteers who can lend expertise to fundraising for Heritage of Hope. These activities include but are not limited to grant writing, coordinating fundraising events, and seeking opportunities for third-party fundraising . To accomplish this, its responsibilities are:

  • To work with staff to establish a fundraising plan that incorporates a series of appropriate vehicles, such as special events, direct mail, product sales, etc.
  • To work with fundraising staff in their efforts to raise money
  • To take the lead in certain types of outreach efforts, such as chairing a dinner/dance committee or hosting fundraising parties, etc.
  • To monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.

Public Relations & Training: The public relations and training committee is made up of board directors as well as skilled volunteers who can lend expertise to communicating Heritage of Hope’s vision and mission. Maintain and build relationships with key industry partners and members of the press in conjunction with staff efforts. Identify key speaking engagements for staff and community to help market and brand Heritage of Hope. Opportunities to train the community using Heritage of Hope’s training materials in various environments.

Prayer Team: The Prayer Team meets an important need by praying for Heritage of Hope survivors, staff, and organization as a whole. Staff members will provide the Prayer Team with prayer requests. The Prayer Team will communicate (either electronically or in person) and will spend time in conversation and prayer with each other. Volunteers are then invited to individually pray for these requests throughout the duration of the month. Confidentiality is IMPORTANT.

Events Team: The Events Team helps in sharing the message and mission of Heritage of Hope throughout the entire community. The Events Team will work directly with the Heritage of Hope staff in preparing for, setting up, facilitating, and breaking down at a variety of events. Events include trainings, fundraising events, Community/Vendor Events, and Community Speaking Events.

  • Commitment: Participate in 6 events per year and should be available on nights and weekends. (examples: day-of set up and tear down, products, table decorations, table seating, signage, etc.)

Advocacy Team: Advocates play a vital role in the journey of a survivor. An advocate is the cheerleader and comforter during transitional periods for survivors. Advocates may visit a woman in jail, visit family in the case of a runaway, or ride along during rides to residential programs. Advocates help the survivor to feel comfortable as she makes big decisions. During your job as an advocate you may see or hear information. Please remember all information pertaining to a survivor is HIGHLY confidential information and is not to be shared with anyone outside of Heritage of Hope staff.

Outreach Team: The goal for Outreach Team is to work towards providing continued resources for persons affected or potentially affected by trafficking. The outreach team will help to make connections with local organizations dealing with substance abuse, at-risk youth and adults, correctional facilities, and other non-profits. Along with volunteers, outreach team will provide assistance to trafficking victims through different community outreach and events, as well as partnering with other sister organizations in our network to provide hope and encouragement to survivors.

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